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Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular therapy helps you regulate your equilibrium and balance.


Vestibular therapy is often used with those who feel off-balance or dizzy. This feeling can be a result of an illness, chronic condition, or natural aging.

Vestibular therapy for balance and vertigo

WHAT IS vestibular Therapy?

Balance problems include a wide variety of issues, but they are all connected by their impact on the vestibular system, also known as the inner ear. Vestibular therapy, also known as vestibular rehabilitation, is a procedure that involves “adaptation and compensation.” During treatment, the vestibular system is being “reprogrammed” to establish associations with the brain in order to adjust imbalances and restore equilibrium.


  • Balance improvement

  • Relief from dizziness and vertigo

  • Reduce the risk of falls with fall prevention strategies

  • Gaze stabilization

  • Improved spatial orientation

COMMONly treated conditions



Balance and gait disorders

Balance & Gait

Manual therapy for chronic headaches


Vertigo balance and dizziness disorder



When To Arrive

On average, a patient’s first visit lasts about one hour. We ask that patients arrive 15 minutes early to sign-in and complete paperwork.


What To Bring

On your first visit, you’ll need to bring your physician referral or prescription (if needed), your insurance card, your primary registration forms, your ID or driver’s license and your co-payment (as applicable).


Your First Visit

Our office managers will help you through completing the registration and insurance process, then you will begin your evaluation with a therapist. It is helpful to know your key past medical history, previous treatments, current medications, and any symptoms you may be experiencing. Your movement, strength, coordination, and other factors will be evaluated before our therapist discusses with you their recommendation and prepares a personalized treatment plan.


Treatment Plan

Evaluation findings will be shared with your referring physician or preferred medical expert, and the office managers will help you plan your series of visits based on the quantity and frequency determined by your therapist. Your subsequent visits will focus on treatment that is based on your diagnosis and individualized goals.

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