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We work with most major insurance providers. Before you arrive, we will verify your health benefits to see whether treatment services will require a copay, deductible, or coinsurance to help keep the paperwork pain-free.


If your insurance provider requires a co-pay, we will ask for this payment at each visit. We accept payments by cash, check or credit card.


Do you have any of the insurance policies listed below? We have included the majority of the major plans for which we have in-network coverage; however, this is not an exhaustive list! Please call the clinic nearest you to confirm other insurance plans.

Performance Therapy also offers a private pay plan for patients who do not have health insurance or who have exhausted their benefits. For additional information about our service rates and payment options, please contact us as soon as possible!


Golden Rule

Fiserv Health






Definity Health



Manhatten Life




United Healthcare

First Health


Wellcare Health Plans



Magnolia Health

Workers’ Comp


Mutual of Omaha

Philadelphia American

Shared Health



Fox Everett


Cigna Healthsprings

First Choice

Blue Cross Blue Shield (EPO, HMO, POS, ACA exchange, and PPO plans)

Mississippi Children’s Health Plans (CHIP)

Mississippi CAN

MS Health Partners

*Disclaimer: While this is a thorough list, health insurance changes frequently and without warning. To find out what physical therapy benefits are available to you, we recommend contacting your health insurance provider.

Direct Access

In navigating the landscape of limited direct access to physical therapy services in Mississippi, Performance Therapy strives to make the process as patient-centric and seamless as possible. As a patient, you have the opportunity to initiate your engagement with our services through an initial evaluation without the need for a referral or prescription. This initial assessment allows our skilled team at Performance Therapy to promptly evaluate your condition, identify key areas of concern, and provide you with valuable insights into your musculoskeletal health.


However, it's essential to note that Mississippi's regulatory framework requires a collaborative approach to your healthcare. While we can conduct an initial evaluation without a referral, continued services beyond the first visit necessitate a referral from your primary care physician. This referral ensures a comprehensive understanding of your overall health history and facilitates a more integrated approach to your ongoing care.


Our commitment to your well-being at Performance Therapy extends beyond the administrative nuances of limited direct access. We view this requirement as an opportunity to work closely with your primary care provider, fostering a team-based approach to your health. This collaborative model allows us to not only address your immediate concerns but also consider the broader context of your health and well-being.


Upon receiving the necessary referral, our dedicated team at Performance Therapy will craft a personalized plan of care tailored to your unique needs. This comprehensive approach enables us to design targeted interventions that align with both your immediate goals and long-term health objectives.


We understand that navigating healthcare regulations can be complex, but rest assured that the Performance Therapy team is here to guide you through the process. At Performance Therapy, our focus is on providing you with exceptional care within the parameters of limited direct access, ensuring that your path to recovery is not only effective but also characterized by a compassionate and patient-centered approach.


Your journey to optimal health begins with Performance Therapy, and we look forward to partnering with you on this path to wellness.

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