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Physical THERAPY

Pediatric physical therapy focuses on treating sensory-motor, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and other movement disorders and injuries that affect gross motor skills.


We collaborate with our young patients and their families to enhance or restore the child's capability to engage in safe and functional exploration of their surroundings, enabling active participation in community activities.



Gross Motor Skills

Pre-Gait & Gait Training

Strength & Endurance

Posture & Postural Control


Neuromuscular Function


Acute & Chronic Pain Management

Skeletal Alignment

Sports Injuries & Prevention

Developmental Milestones

0-3 months

  • Turns head side to side when on back

  • Holds head up 45 degrees when on belly

3-6 months

  • Rolls belly to back

  • Pushes up on straight arms when on belly by 5 months

  • Holds head steady and actively moves head in supported sitting

  • Head control in all positions

  • Brings hands to feet by 5 months

6-9 months

  • Belly crawls

  • Sits independently

  • Rolls back to belly

  • Gets into sitting independently

  • Pulls to stand

9-12 months

  • Transitions from sitting to belly

  • Gets into hands and knees (quadruped) position

  • Crawls on hands and knees

  • Cruises side to side holding onto furniture

  • Walks with both hands held

12-18 months

  • Gets into kneeling position and maintains to play

  • Stands alone well

  • Walks without support by 15 months

  • Crawls upstairs

18-24 months

  • Runs

  • Moves on ride on toys without pedals

  • Picks up toys from floor without falling

  • Squats in play without falling

  • Walks upstairs alone with both feet on each step

  • Kicks a ball forward

2-3 years

  • Jumps from bottom step

  • Catches large ball using body to help

  • Walks downstairs alone, placing both feet on each step

  • Walks upstairs with support, alternating feet

  • Runs well

  • Stands on one foot 1-5 seconds

3-4 years

  • Hops on one foot

  • Walks on a line

  • Stands on one foot 5 - 8 seconds

  • Walks up and down stairs alternating feet, without rail

  • Jumps down from 12 inches with feet together

4-5 years

  • Stands on one foot 8 - 10 seconds

  • Skips with alternating feet

  • Throws ball to a target

  • Walks on a balance beam forward and backward

5-6 years

  • Stands on one foot 10 seconds

  • Catches a small ball using only hands

  • Walks tandem on a line

  • Jumps over an object, landing with both feet together

6-7 years

  • Catches a bounced tennis ball

  • Kicks a ball straight forward about 12 feet

  • Rides bicycle without training wheels

Adaptive Play
Rock Climbing Wall

Gait and Mobility Training

Adaptive Equipment Assessment and Monitoring
Strength Training

Neurodevelopmental Techniques

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Our physical therapists will work one-on-one with your child to create a customized treatment plan that is specific to your child’s needs. Our therapists’ goal is to ensure your child is meeting the proper developmental milestones necessary for them to reach their highest potential.



When To Arrive

On average, a patient’s first visit lasts about one hour. We ask that patients arrive 15 minutes early to sign-in and complete paperwork.


What To Bring

On your first visit, you’ll need to bring your physician referral or prescription (if needed), your insurance card, your primary registration forms, your ID or driver’s license and your co-payment (as applicable).


Your First Visit

Our office managers will help you through completing the registration and insurance process, then you will begin your evaluation with a therapist. It is helpful to know your key past medical history, previous treatments, current medications, and any symptoms you may be experiencing. Your movement, strength, coordination, and other factors will be evaluated before our therapist discusses with you their recommendation and prepares a personalized treatment plan.


Treatment Plan

Evaluation findings will be shared with your referring physician or preferred medical expert, and the office managers will help you plan your series of visits based on the quantity and frequency determined by your therapist. Your subsequent visits will focus on treatment that is based on your diagnosis and individualized goals.


Pediatric physical therapy

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Pediatric speech therapy

Peds Speech Therapy

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